IM=X Pilates Certified Staff are Qualified To Help

Our team of professionals cares about your experience and results! IM=X Pilates & Fitness Studio has certified instructors who have gone through the IM=X Pilates and Fitness Certifications. Additionally, our Master Trainers are available to ensure that you are achieving your goals. Whether you need to lose weight, reduce back pain, improve performance, reduce age-related incontinence or just feel strong, our instructors are available to help.

Chanda Fetter

Studio Owner, Master Trainer, Instructor & Personal Trainer: A Santa Barbara resident since 1991, Chanda has a continued passion for fitness and those striving for better health!  Prior to moving here she worked as a Professional Ballet Dancer with the Sacramento Ballet.  Throughout that time, she trained with Ballet West Colorado, San Francisco Ballet, and Boston Ballet.  Her experiences in dance naturally progressed into the Fitness Industry where she took a job with Gold’s Gym both as Group X Instructor and eventually Group X Director for all the clubs in the Santa Barbara area.  Chanda was the Director of Group X Program for over 10 years and during that time, built a relationship with IM=X Pilates Inc. She brought IM=X Pilates to Santa Barbara, became certified in all their programming and loved it so much, she eventually became a Master Trainer for IM=X Pilates Inc., which enables her to certify and continually educate instructors around the world. Chanda’s educational background includes a BS in Sociology and Minor in Physical Education through UCSB. She has also attended all course work in relation to Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.  Chanda is the Hospitality Chair for National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO).
Certifications:  ACE, NASM, YogaFit, Spinning, IM=X® Basic, IM=X® Advanced and IM=X® Super Advanced Certifications, TRX

Amber Bruckner

Studio Manager, Instructor & Personal Trainer: Amber was born and raised in Santa Barbara.  She attended San Francisco State University on a Tennis Scholarship, where she competed as their #1 player on the team.   Upon completing her BA in Photojournalism she traveled extensively, eventually returning to Santa Barbara.   Amber first became interested in personal training with her own practice that has changed her life.   She is dedicated to helping others finding the same path.   For seven years, Amber was a Personal Trainer at both Gold's Gym and Spectrum Health Club.   The development of her practice with IM=X® Pilates strengthened her techniques and understanding of the body, helping her clients attain their goals.   Fitness is her passion and she is dedicated to physical fitness and its benefits for the body and mind.
Certifications:  IM=X® Basic Certification, IM=X Advanced Certification, NASM, Spinning, TRX

Linda Reichert

IMX Instructor & Personal Trainer:  Linda has helped her clients manage their pain, reduce stress and improve their lives, through her extensive background in the healing arts.

Her expertise of combining various healing modalities to best suit the client's needs has made Linda a highly sought after healer and trainer. For over 18 years she has specialized in medical massage, soft tissue injury rehabilitation, therapeutic and sports massage, program design, conditioning, personal fitness training, and energy healing.
Certifications:  IM=X Basic Certification, IM=X Advanced Certification

Erin Griffin

IMX Instructor & Personal Trainer, Spinning, TRX, Barre
Erin holds multiple certifications in Pilates including IM=X and BASI (Body Arts and Science International).  Erin is also a Barre, TRX trainer, and Certified Spin Instructor.   

In college, Erin was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder and was told that it would limit her physical capabilities.  Years of sitting at a computer in the corporate world also took a toll on her body.  She swears that she has the muscle memory of the shoulder and cranky back pain from sitting at a computer desk.  Then after having 2 babies (both 9lbs+ !!) Erin's decision to make Pilates her life's work came along with her own 60 lb pregnancy weight loss journey.

Erin was born and raised in Santa Barbara and is thrilled to be back in her hometown to raise her own family.  She is an alum of SBHS, UC Berkeley and lived in the Bay Area for over a decade.
She is an avid volunteer and has served in the Junior League for 6 years. Erin is a busy Mom who loves to pass along her love of fitness and healthy living to her kids. She serves on the Board of the Oaks Parent Child Workshop Preschool.

Daniel Berman

Instructor for Spinning, CORE Cycle, Circuit, TRX

Judy Lough

Instructor for Xercizer, Mat, Spinning

Libby Straight

Instructor for Spinning, CORE Cycle, TRX
Libby was a competitive triathlete with the Austin, TX Triathlete’s training group when she moved to CA. She was working out in her cycling gear at the Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center when she was approached by the group fitness manager and asked if she would be interested in teaching indoor cycling. Several years after receiving her indoor cycling certification, she moved to Santa Barbara and Chanda Fetter, currently the IMX SB owner, hired her as a Spinning instructor at Gold’s gym.

Libby has now been an indoor cycling instructor for 15+ years and with IMX Santa Barbara since 2010. And, thanks to Chanda, she is also a certified TRX trainer since 2010. She is also a full-time staff member in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at UCSB.

Beth Gilbert

Instructor for Xercizer, Mat, Spinning

Kristin Davies

Instructor and Personal Trainer for Yoga
Kristin has been teaching people of all ages how to connect with themselves and the immediate world around them since she was 15 years old. Consistently, she has found herself educating others in what brings her the absolute most joy.

Her very first job was teaching children to swim; she spent several years in public schools as a substitute teacher; she lived overseas instructing scuba diving in the bright blue waters of Fiji; she developed kid’s scuba camps back home in Michigan; in Santa Barbara now, she happily teaches yoga to both kids and adults.

What she has learned is that the practiced ability to find one’s breath and revel in the present moment has a profound affect on a person's happiness, health and well being. It unlocks the magic of every moment.

At the end of every yoga class she teaches, she is overwhelmed with the same feelings that bring her back, time and again, to her own yoga practice. It’s a sense of cool content & gratitude. She hopes to leave her students feeling exactly the same way--empowered & uplifted, calm & centered, leaving in a more positive state than when they entered.

Megan Ragland

Instructor for Xercizer and Mat

Megan graduated from UCSB in 2013 with a double major in Dance and Zoology. She grew up in Sacramento, CA and has been a ballet and modern dancer all of her life. Because of her dance training, she was exposed to and fell in love with Pilates at a young age. Megan was introduced to IM=X Pilates when she joined Nebula Dance Lab, a local modern dance company currently in residence at IM=X Pilates Santa Barbara. She started her training to become an IM=X instructor shortly after. Megan also works as a Cell Biologist for a Owl Biomedical in Goleta.

Olivia Morgaine

Instructor for Barre
Olivia Morgaine, a native of Southern California, has travelled and lived around the world. For over twenty years combined, she has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Pilates, and Dance. She holds certifications in each of these disciplines, which she fuses together to create invigorating classes that inspire transformation at every level. She is also a certified Wellness Coach, who emphasizes the benefits of plant based nutrition for healthy, and energetic living.

Joy Balsam

Instructor & Personal Trainer for TRX and Foundation Training

Joy is a Southern California native who has lived all over the country and is to be back, living in Santa Barbara. She offers customized fitness training that draws upon her extensive background in the health and wellness field. She is also a certified Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist. Her own journey and experience with the transformative power of fitness began in high school. She believes fitness can be fun and accessible to most everyone. Her approach focuses on improving body mechanics and daily movement patterns while enhancing flexibility and strength. She primarily utilizes Foundation Training and TRX - wonderful tools to explore functional movements - with a refined attention to detail, supporting alignment in body, mind and spirit. Joy is passionate about transformation and using fitness to move beyond limitations and expand the possibilities of range of motion, flexibility and strength. She is dedicated to supporting people to move well, feel better and experience more vitality.
Certifications: NASM, TRX, Foundation Training

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